Three Questions To Ask When You're Hiring A Personal Trainer

11 January 2016
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Hiring a personal trainer can provide you with the motivation and accountability to achieve your fitness goals. It's often beneficial to speak to a few personal trainers and ask a series of questions before hiring the one you believe will best suit you. While you'll certainly want to cover each trainer's athletic education and experience while also evaluating his or her personality to see how it suits you own, there are a handful of other questions that can help you select the right person. Here are three that are worthwhile to include in your discussion.

What Is Your Philosophy Concerning Being Fit?

Asking this open-ended question should generate an interesting discussion between you and the personal trainer. While there's no "right" answer to this question per se, it's important that the trainer's answer is in alignment with your personal philosophy. For example, the trainer might stress the importance of achieving muscle symmetry to avoid injuries rather than simply having strong, visible muscles to show off at the beach. If you want to get into better shape to stay healthy as you age, this answer will likely appeal to you. How the trainer answers this question can help you understand how he or she views fitness as a whole, which is useful to establish at the start of your working relationship.

Can You Provide Dietary Advice Or A Meal Plan?

Much of the success an individual finds in working out depends on the consumption of a healthy diet in addition to a structured workout regimen. Many personal trainers have received an education in workout-related diets, so it's important to ascertain whether the trainer will be able to help you in this regard. You'll ideally want to hire someone who can craft meal plans around your specific workout -- for example, lots of protein after heavy lifting -- as well as take your food likes and dislikes and your aptitude in the kitchen into account.

How Will I Prevent Getting Injured?

While accidents can happen during a workout, it's important that you develop a trust in your personal trainer to keep you healthy. When you ask this question, you want to hear answers about the importance of pre- and post-workout stretching, as well as developing a regimen that specifically suits your fitness level. Your trainer should also indicate that he or she has specific training in how to safely perform all the exercises you'll be using as well as how to safely use the exercise machines at the gym.

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