Yoga Modifications For The Larger Person

18 January 2016
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When you want to practice yoga but you are a bit larger, you may be nervous about attending your first yoga class. What is important to remember is that yoga is an exercise that can be done by anyone, as long as they use the correct modifications. Yoga benefits everyone who practices it. If you have been hesitant to join a yoga class because of your size, it's time to head to a yoga studio and give it a try.

Using Blocks, Chairs or Pillows

Some of the positions you may be asked to get into at a yoga class may seem daunting at first. Let the instructor know that you are new to yoga, and start by simply taking a deep breath and taking in your surroundings. Some people choose to use a chair, and only do the moves that they feel comfortable doing. Others rely on yoga blocks and pillows in order to support their body as they try to get into position. For example, if you are asked to bend over and try to reach the floor, you can reach for a yoga block instead. You won't have to reach as far, but you will still be in the correct position to get the yoga pose right.

Listen to the Instructor

When giving a direction, the instructor is likely to provide you with the key elements of the pose, with modifications. In general, instructors will show you the full pose first, and then tell you how you can modify the post for your body. For example, when doing the tree pose, some people can place the base of their foot on their inner thigh, while others place their foot on the opposite ankle, while an even further modification would be to balance on one foot and the toes of the other. Listen to the instructor for modifications, and listen to your body. If something hurts while you are doing yoga, take a step back. You should never feel pain when you are doing yoga.

Wear Comfortable, Body Hugging Clothing

While some larger people have trouble wearing clothing that hugs their body, when you attend a yoga class you will move easier if you wear clothes that are not loose. It's harder to move when you are wearing clothes that are bulky or baggy, and yoga class is not the place where you need to care about wearing tight clothes.