4 Vacations For The Health Conscious Person

19 January 2016
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For some people, the ideal vacation involves laying out on the beach and drinking piña coladas or daiquiris. Others, however, are more interested in improving their health and want a vacation that offers them the chance for more than just relaxation. Below is a list of some vacations that provide a setting to learn how to improve the body and mind.

Meditation In A Buddhist Setting

If you're focus is on learning meditation or improving your current meditative routine, then you should consider a Buddhist style meditation retreat. There are many Buddhist retreats that offer guests the chance to visit for the day or stay on as an overnight guest for several days. There will often be guided meditation as well as quiet time to enjoy the grounds. These temples are often situated in tranquil locations such as a mountain top or a forested property.

Yoga In The Desert

If you're a fan of yoga and you like the atmosphere of the desert, then look for a yoga retreat offered in the southwest. These kinds of retreats offer yoga classes in a sparse, isolated setting. Many retreats are situated near large areas of desert where guests can hike when they are through with their yoga class. If you are looking to escape the crush of the city, and you love yoga, then you should definitely check these retreats out.

Juice Fasting In The Jungle

For people who are interested in juicing, a trip to the jungle for a juice fast might be the perfect vacation. There are retreat houses in Costa Rica that cater to people who are involved in the raw food and juicing movement. These retreats are perfect for individuals who want to undergo a juice fast in a peaceful, tropical setting. The atmosphere is perfect because you will be surrounded by tropical plants and fruits, many of which will be incorporated into your fresh daily juices.

Nutritional Health Camp For Your Whole Family

This is a great retreat for the whole family. Nutritional health camps are designed to help promote a healthy lifestyle. This includes classes on healthy cooking. Chefs will be on hand to cook delicious foods for you and your children. They will give demonstrations on how you can return home and make these same meals every night instead of ordering in fast food or cooking quick frozen meals. There will also be programs where the aim is to help you and your family learn how to incorporate healthy, simple exercise into your daily routine.