Deer Velvet: The Latest Craze In Bodybuilding Supplements

29 January 2016
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When it comes to bodybuilding supplements, there are plenty on the market to choose from. A surprising supplement known as deer velvet is taking the bodybuilding community by storm. This unusual supplement contains the soft covering that is found on a young male deer's antlers as they grow, before they become fully formed antlers. It has been found to be beneficial to humans for a variety of reasons, and can now be found in spray, pill, and other formats.

What It Can Do

Deer velvet has been shown to help boost an athlete's strength and overall endurance. It has also been shown to help improve the immune system and combat stress. Some people also claim that taking deer velvet supplements can relieve neck and back pain and improve blood circulation. The velvet contains a growth hormone known as IGF-1 which can help the body grow, particularly the muscles and tendons. This has made deer velvet a well-known choice for athletes and bodybuilders, since it can help increase muscle size, definition, and strength.

How It Is Obtained

The concept of harvesting deer velvet has become a controversial subject. The velvet is actually attached to the deer's antlers and contains nerve tissue that can be painful and even dangerous to remove from a living deer. It can be harvested from deer that have been killed for food and sold to make supplements. Harvesting deer velvet has created some controversy with many animal rights groups and is currently not allowed in countries like the United Kingdom. The FDA does not currently regulate deer velvet supplements, which means the method of harvesting this material can differ depending on the manufacturer.

Important Information 

Deer velvet is most commonly found in a spray format, but it can also be found in a pill or powdered form. When bodybuilders take this supplement regularly, many have reported an increase in overall stamina, better muscle strength, and other improvements. There are a few side effects that people should be aware of. The most commonly reported side effect is that deer velvet can create an overabundance of the female hormone progesterone in people who take it regularly. This can be especially dangerous for women who are currently dealing with a hormonal imbalance. Still, this popular supplement has fewer dangerous side effects than most legal steroids and can prove to be beneficial to people who take it properly and with care.