Personal Trainers Point Out Little Things That Lead To Big Results

12 May 2016
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Exercise novices hoping to get in great shape frequently rely on personal trainers to provide helpful guidance during gym sessions. Total newbies are not the only health club denizens capable of benefiting from the watchful eye and guiding hand of a fitness professional. Experienced gym enthusiasts who possess a smattering of self-taught knowledge should seriously consider hiring a private personal trainer. An informed personal trainer can point out the "little things" necessary for maximizing results.

Slight improvements in exercise technique could lead substantial physique improvements. Minor mistakes may outright nullify any gains. The following are a number of ways a personal trainer can keep a client on the right path:

Slowing Down Reps

Slow repetitions are critically important for those who want to build muscle and burn fat. A person may not understand exactly how slow to move the weight to maintain constant muscle-building stress. A personal trainer can point out the desired speed during both the raising and lowering of weights. A common mistake people make is they raise weight slow, but lower too fast. A personal trainer will put a stop to this bad habit to ensure a client gets the full benefit of a particular exercise.

Balancing Weight Distribution

Weight loads should be even when performing compound exercises. Performing a bench press while even slightly to the right or the left means more weight is going to be lifted on one side. As a result, the muscles won't grow proportionately. A dutiful trainer makes sure the bench is positioned evenly under a bar and the client's grips are equally balanced. No one side ends up having to work harder than the other.

Maintaining Proper Range of Motion

Front dumbbell raises, for example, are designed to work the deltoids (shoulders). The dumbbells should be raised to shoulder level or slightly above in order to effectively isolate the deltoids. Not raising the dumbbells high enough could turn the exercise into a weak triceps workout. Going too high might change it into a back exercise. A personal trainer takes the initiative to keep clients within the correct range of motion.

Varying the Exercises

Exercises have to be varied in order to effectively target complex muscle groups. Triceps, for example, have three heads: long, lateral, and medial. A proper triceps session should include one exercise for each head so as to develop symmetry. A trainer can craft one workout with three unique isolation exercises designed to avoid over-working one head while ignoring the other two.

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