3 Types Of Exercise Classes To Keep You Motivated

26 November 2017
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Many people avoid exercise classes because it can be intimidating if you feel insecure about your body or fitness level. Getting over your apprehensions can open a world of opportunity to stay motivated as you pursue better health.

Fast-Paced Workouts

Choosing a workout class that helps you accomplish a full-body workout in less time can be a fitness motivator if you dread exercising because you believe you need to work out longer to see results. Find classes based on your fitness level that incorporate exercise machines, weights, or use your body for resistance and change intensity throughout the class. For example, cycling classes are a good idea, especially if you need less impact on your knees. During a cycling class, you typically encounter a range of intensity levels by speeding up or peddling while standing up on the bike. This allows you to increase your heart rate quicker and burn more calories within the same time span. Depending on the class, they may incorporate music and the instructor may be entertaining, which makes the time fly by.

Stealth Workouts

Registering for a workout class that is based on a different activity is ideal if you simply hate exercising. When you can find fun activities that do not feel like you are exercising, you will be more motivated to attend. Some popular options include any form of exercise based on dancing. Many of these classes incorporate formal Latin or ballroom dancing, or they may be based on modern dance moves. If you enjoy these types of classes, try to mix up the classes you attend to keep the dances and music interesting. Additionally, you might register for a traditional dance class as a form of exercise. This way, you can burn calories while learning real dances.

Power Workouts

If you have been doing cardio for a while or your fitness goals do not include weight loss, doing cardio mindlessly is boring and unproductive. You may erroneously believe you must do cardio to reach any fitness goal or you cannot build strong muscles and do cardio at the same time. There are many fitness classes based on popular workout systems that are designed to act as both cardio and strength-training. Many of these classes are not designed for beginners, because the moves are intense. If strengthening your body is part of your goal, look for classes that include any type of resistance training or take a kickboxing class. You will find these types of classes also work well to reduce stress and irritability.

Being an exercise lover is not for everyone, but taking fitness classes can help keep you interested and motivated. Choose classes that will help you avoid common frustrations with exercising.