Exercises Beginners Can Do With Dumbbells

22 September 2020
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Today, many people are turning to their home gyms to get a good workout. Your workout can incorporate dumbbells and help you achieve your fitness goals. It can take a lot of work to build muscle, but it is certainly something you can do at home without a full gym.

Are you interested in full body exercises you can do at home? These are some exercises that incorporate several muscle groups at once.

Hammer Curl & Calf Raise

Hold your dumbbells at your sides, hands facing each other. As you raise to your toes, feeling the stretch in your calves, raise your dumbbells so that they almost touch your shoulders. Lower the weights again as you lower your heels. Increase the weight as the exercise becomes easier for you.

Bridge & Bench Press

Lie on the floor with your knees bent. Hold your weights in your hands, palms facing your feet and your elbows bent so that the weights rest at your chest. As you place the weight in your feet, press up so that your hips lift toward the sky. As you do this, straighten your arms, pushing the weights up in the air.

Reverse Lunge & Lateral Raise

Begin with your legs together, weights in your hands at your sides. Step back with one foot, bending your knee so that it extends toward the floor at a 90-degree angle. Your front leg should also be bent. Step back to bring your feet together, lifting the weights so that your arms are extended straight out to your sides.

Plank Jack

Begin in a plank position, your hands and toes on the floor as if you were going to do a push up. If you are able, jump your legs out to each side. Then, jump your legs back together. Repeat the process over and over, keeping your body moving.

Dead Lift & Row

Hinge at your hips to bring your chest forward. Your hands, holding the weights, should reach the floor. Keep your knees slightly bent. Use your glutes to bring your chest and core back up standing, and then bend your elbows to bring the weights up to your chest in a row.

Full Body Workouts Can Change Your Life

A full body workout can leave you feeling and looking your best. You can benefit from improving your strength with these exercises, giving your body some difficult moves to work through.