How To Build Arm Strength With Kettlebells And A Personal Coach

25 March 2022
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Your upper body will benefit from a personal coach. If you have limited equipment resources, you can still build strength in your back, shoulders, and arms. A personal coach can be helpful in allowing you to explore different options. Kettlebells are a great tool to use when you meet with your trainer or coach. These are some of the exercises you might use in conjunction with your training so that you can build your strongest upper body.

Overhead Press

In order to perform this press, hold the kettlebell at your chest with one hand. Push the kettlebell up as you straighten your arm. Your coach will examine your form to ensure that you hold your shoulders correctly and you avoid injury.

Bent-Over Row

This row requires you to hinge at your hips, bending over so that you have two kettlebells hanging toward your feet. With control, bring the kettlebells up to your chest. This move will help work your arms and your back, but you should make sure to move slowly and with control. A coach will make sure you are hinging at your hips rather than rounding at your back.

Tricep Lift

Working the triceps is important if you want to have a balanced upper body. Tricep lifts with a kettlebell help you do just that. You'll hold the bell from the handle so that your arms are straight and it is hanging behind your head. Bend your elbows so that the kettlebell comes right behind your head. Lift it up again. You can also do this exercise while kneeling. You'll keep your core tight as you kneel and perform the tricep move. Your coach may offer additional insight on how to kneel so that you can also work on your balance.

Bicep Curls

Bicep curls are perhaps the most common exercise on this list, and they can be performed with one arm at a time or with two kettlebells at the same time. The shape of the kettlebells will require you to maintain some balance as you perform this exercise. Your coach will watch the way your body moves to ensure you are maintaining proper posture as you lift.

Meet With a Personal Coach for More Information

If you want to gain strength in your upper body, a personal coach can be a great benefit to your routine. With a coach, you can develop a plan that involves a variety of exercises so that you can work a variety of muscle groups in your arms, shoulders, and back.